Rancho Relaxo

Rancho Relaxo


Lavender – Calming, anti-depressant

Passionflower – Relax the mind and body, sedative

Californian Poppy – Sedative, tranquillising, muscle relaxant

Chamomile – Calms anxiety and stress

Bergamot – Relaxant

Lavender – Calms to bring one back to feeling

Roman Chamomile – Anti-depressant, sedative

Moroccan Chamomile – Anti-depressant, euphoric, sedative


Contains salts, herbs and essential oils traditionally known for their calming and sleep supporting properties. As the name suggests Rancho Relaxo has cemented itself as the flagship soak for the ultimate relaxation aid at bath time.

Bottle or Bag

Bottle 150g, Bag 500g

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